My five best adoption moments: number 1

In homage to National Adoption Week, and because I #supportadoption and want this blog to encourage others who are considering adoption, this is my top five moments as an adopter. I’m going to try and do one a night this week. That’s the plan anyway.

Actually, it’s really really tricky to distill the last 2 years into five moments, but I’ll try. And hopefully write something mildly interesting and maybe amusing, rather than just mushy. 

1. Buying a new vacuum cleaner. Hmm, yes, you read that right. Getting approved as adopters was a bit of a day outing for us; we had to travel to a city, whereas we live in a small, provincial market town. That does explain our purchase on what was a wet February day.

The panel was positive, empowering- dare I even say, enjoyable. These people all had a passion for what adoption can achieve, and if you make it to approval panel, your social worker is confident you should be approved. So we went in feeling like it was a test, and came out feeling a wave of goodwill and belief that we could be parents to a child or children who’d experienced trauma. 

We felt giddy in the knowledge that we WERE going to be parents, and so to celebrate, we bought a new Hoover. Yes, you read that right. How very domesticated! We also celebrated with a lovely meal together, but every time I vacuum now, I smile! The fact that generally hoovering is done with a nearly three-year-old ‘helper’ is a direct result of that special day.


    Author: acornmum

    I am an adoptive mum to our boisterous boy, Acorn, and I am passionate about adoption and all it can mean. I am a SENCO in a primary school, and it's funny how my job has influenced my parenting, and vice versa. I am a Christian, and I am keen to get the message out there that adoption can be a brilliant journey as a Christian- the support network my faith gives is seen overwhelmingly as positive! I love being out of doors with Acorn, his dad, and our loopy, daft dog.

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